Holding the Horizon 2021-

In October 2021 Laura received a full Arts Council Developing your Creative Practice grant to make a radical step change with her art and develop her series of sea-scape paintings (Deadpan)  into an animation and performative and filmic landscape for dance, physical theatre and monologue performance. With the assistance of Manchester based movement practitioner Bridget Fiske, local artist Debbie Yare, producer Kit Abramson, and filmmaker Michael Gillbanks she re-trained and learnt the necessary skills to make an immersive theatre and/or gallery situated installation work. The piece itself is based loosely on the Greek tale of Icarus ,the young man who fell from the sky when the wax that fastened his wings to his body was melted by the heat of the sun. She has taken this tale, dismantled the imagery within the story and adapted it in accordance with her interest in somatic movement, gravitational forces and elemental and material transformation. The work was presented as a work in progress in the gallery and performance space at The Dukes in Lancaster in November this year.



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