Laura van Tatenhove is an Australian artist based in Lancaster, The United Kingdom. In 2002, after completing her MFA at The College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, and following a series of successful solo and group exhibitions at Mori Gallery and various other Sydney venues, she moved to the UK where she has been practising ever since. Between various painting and sculptural projects she has raised a daughter, worked as a Lecturer in Painting and Printmaking at St. Martin’s College, and established a thriving Massage and Bowen therapy business.

Laura’s main preoccupation has been painting although, since 2015, she expanded her practice to include sculpture, and since 2021 to encompass photography, animation, film and performance. At the core of her artistic practise is a commitment to making work about perception, that is, how we regard, understand and interpret ourselves, others and the world around us through our senses. Her work stimulates visual curiosity and draws attention to the beauty of the ‘ordinary’ and the ‘moment’. She dissects the overlooked and makes it durable to challenge the over-stimulated and fast-paced world view. People are drawn in to study her small and precisely handled work and viewers comment on her attention to detail and the compulsive and labour intensive element of her practice.

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